An advanced ecosystem focused on improving your children safety, by detecting, and notifying of any anomaly in their daily routine or the schools busses.

The Great Power for Your Great Responsibility

Slyde provides the school administration with an advanced monitoring interface that lets it discover anomalies in the busy school morning easily and fast.

From a student who's skipping school to an unexpected incident, Slyde ensures that their parents and school will be notified immediately.

Know Where

Get updates as soon as children arrive at school, board a bus and other key waypoints.

Know When

See exactly when the students and buses come and go.

Know What

Know everything about live security anomalies in daily routines.

Quit Wasting Time

Slyde lets parents and students know exactly when the bus arrives using real-time data from multiple sources. Minimized waiting time, shortened rides and idle time with 100% certainty - all fulfilled by Slyde.